Felicity has been on staff at TJ Maxx in Bend for years. With the support of Good-2-Go Oregon, she monitors the fitting room, providing inventory control and organization of unwanted merchandise. In addition, she serves as an adept cashier and floor associate and is responsible for the display of merchandise. Her supervisor says, “When you see Felicity, you see her smile and her amazing personality, not her disability,” and no matter what her job of the day, Felicity brings “excellent customer service skills.” This opportunity to work for TJ Maxx has been important in helping Felicity grow her self-confidence as an advocate for herself and other young people who experience autism. Her role as a hard and enthusiastic worker and spokeswoman about autism has inspired her supervisors and coworkers alike, all of which have further enhanced Felicity’s growing self-esteem. Sarah, the store’s General Manager, says, “She’s a stereotype buster! The benefit of having Felicity on our team is that we get a great morale boost. She delivers excellent customer service and is such a team player that her coworkers voted her Associate of the Quarter, a difficult title to achieve!”