Since 1981, Abilitree’s mission has been to empower people to grow their independence, expectations, and inclusion in community life. To help individuals and their families reach their goals, Abilitree provides support with job placement, skills training, peer support, advocacy, and information and referral. The success of their mission of “growing abilities for independence” is evidenced by the more than 700 individuals they support in Central Oregon, who experience a wide range of disabilities, including but not limited to stroke and cancer survivors, and individuals with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities. Abilitree believes in everyone‘s right to live a full and independent life, and they work with a large network of local businesses to find the right fit for employees of all

Crook County Intellectual/Developmental Disability Program

The Crook County Intellectual/Developmental Disability Program provides lifespan case management and service coordination to residents in Crook County Oregon. These services are provided by Lutheran Community Services Northwest, whose mission is to “partner with individuals, families and communities for health, justice and hope”. They help vulnerable individuals overcome challenges to become flourishing members of society. They create thriving communities enriched by the diversity and strengths of people who have triumphed over adversity. For eligible people, they authorize and coordinate home and community-based services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, with services that help people live healthier and more independent lives in their homes and communities. They provide case management services for more than 60 people throughout Crook County and will help individuals and families complete the eligibility application process.

Deschutes County Intellectual/Developmental Disability Program

For eligible individuals, Deschutes County Intellectual/Developmental Disability Program provides information about resources, connects clients and families with existing programs and facilitates the development of needed services. In order to determine eligibility, Deschutes County will guide individuals through the application and intake process and determine if the requirements are met under the Oregon Administrative Rules. Adults have the choice to receive case management from Brokerage services, which in Central Oregon is Full Access High Desert. To determine eligibility, call 541-322- 7554 and request an intake for services.

Service Coordinators provide case management and advocate for individuals and provide assistance as they transition through the stages of life and development. Oregon is an employment first state and Service Coordinators support individuals through the process of exploring integrated community employment and provide the ongoing resources to make employment successful.


Diversability is the preferred term to replace disability, and the mission of Diversability Inc. is to “build and strengthen community connections for individuals experiencing diversabilities and their families”. This mission is accomplished by creating and implementing dynamic resource integration strategies for people living with physical, cognitive, developmental, learning, and/or neurological dierences, or diversity, in ability levels. With a vision that all people regardless of ability have the resources and tools they need to reach their greatest potential, the intention of Diversability Inc. programs is to assure that people with diversabilities are elevated to their potential and valued as citizens in our communities. They support community inclusion and integration through meaningful employment and are passionate about transforming individual interests and strengths into skills and talents necessary in employment settings.

1st Choice Assisted Care

1st Choice Assisted Care offers “one-on-one supports for people experiencing a wide array of disabilities”. Among many other services, such as group activities, respite care and behavior supports, they oer integrated employment services. These services provide full support to employers and employees and guide individuals experiencing diverse abilities throughout their employment journey, starting with discovering clients’ strengths, skills and interests, building a strong resume and mastering the interview process. In alignment with each client’s profile and plan, 1st Choice helps obtain and retain employment, and mentors clients once they are in their chosen place of employment. 1st Choice Assisted Care is set up for success with a large number of providers in each community they serve, and they are dedicated to building ongoing relationships with businesses that support community inclusion and integration through direct employment.

Full Access High Desert

Full Access High Desert has been working to assist individuals with navigating and connecting to support services for many years. They provide the link between goals and the resources needed to achieve those goals. By offering self-directed, person-centered services, the 400 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities they work with can access in-home support services in Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson and Lake counties. Full Access High Desert’s case management services connect the people they serve with the people and services they need to live the life they want, giving people the freedom express what is important to them, how they want to be supported and how they want to live. They enable individuals requiring support to increase their personal self-determination, improve their independence and meet their goals.

Good-2-Go Oregon

Good-2- Go Oregon is licensed under the Oregon Department of Human Services to provide supports to qualifying adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Their programs include Attendant Care Supports (also known as Assistance with Daily Living), which provide individuals the additional supports necessary to ensure their long-term success in their independence, and an independent living program. Because employment plays a very important role in the successful independence of all adults, Good-2- Go is also contracted with the department of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide vocational assessment, job preparation, career exploration, job development and job coaching to assist all who want to work and have a positive attitude in finding winning opportunities. They are happy to work with those individuals who are motivated to find work and use it as a key component to their success and independence.

The High Desert Education Service District

The High Desert Education Service District (HDESD) is a publically-funded agency that partners with local school districts to provide high-quality, cost-effective and locally responsive education services at a regional level, ranging from business, legal and administrative support to school improvement eorts and special education programs. These efforts serve a wide variety of families and students, including those who are at risk or have special educational needs. Their mission is to “improve student outcomes with excellent, equity and effciency”. To support this mission, HDESD provides early childhood developmental support for children birth to five years of age (prior to kindergarten). These services include screening, evaluation, and specially designed instruction for young children with special needs in Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties, with specialized classrooms, an expert staff, and education and coaching for school staff members.

Jefferson County Developmental Disability Program

The staff at the Jefferson County Developmental Disability Program is enthusiastically committed to serving an exceptional group of personalities, focusing on capabilities not disabilities. They provide person-centered services with the emphasis on living an accomplished life full of opportunities. The agency serves all ages with a variety of programs, including foster care, supportive living, school age support, and clients who live independently. They want the clients they serve to have a life full of experiences, fulfillment of dreams, and the goal of independence. Their role includes connecting clients with services that are offered in the Jefferson County area, connecting individuals with community partners, providing foster care placements, working toward independent housing, and supportive living. They support individuals with employment goals by working with the local school district, the Transition program services and local employers.

The Opportunity Foundation

The Opportunity Foundation’s mission is “empowering people of diverse abilities”, and they’ve been serving people with disabilities throughout Central Oregon for over 50 years. The Opportunity Foundation envisions all people living, learning and working together. To that end, they oer independent living, residential, vocational and life skills programs that discover and nurture the capabilities of each person and meet each person’s needs. Creating tailored support plans ensures individuals have a safe, stable environment where they are respected, encouraged and empowered as valuable members of their communities. They oer employment to the people they support in the organization’s own thrift stores, and they also work in conjunction with a variety of local employers to find skilled, dedicated employees who are a good fit for their workplaces.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation, a project of the State Department of Human Services, “assists Oregonians with disabilities to achieve and maintain employment and independence”. They support individuals with Developmental Disabilities (who fit their criteria) obtain and keep jobs that match their skills, interests and abilities as established in their individual support plan (ISP). These individual plans are based upon the health and safety needs, interests, choices and goals of individuals they work with. Each plan is uses a person-centered planning process. Vocational Rehabilitation staff members work in partnership with the community and businesses to provide services that are individualized to help each eligible person receive support that is essential to their employment success. If you are an employer, VR Staffing Solutions provides pre-screened, ready-to- work applicants with a wide range of skills and abilities from around the state.