Past Award Winners

Shell Gas Station in Bend
For April we had the pleasure of recognizing Shell Gas Station in Bend.
This employer has been incredibly accepting and flexible with transition students as both interns and paid employees. They provide opportunities for students to try a variety of job tasks that match the individual’s ability levels.

Talk about a talented workforce! Rose started working at SMAF Construction doing errands and helping clean the trucks. She found this with the help of Transition staff as a part-time temporary placement. At the end of her time there, the supervisor wanted to make it a permanent position and offered her a job. She is a Valued employee because of her dependability, punctuality, and hard work. She has saved money to get her ODL and buy a pickup truck. She is learning new skills around the shop; driving the skid steer, and working on forklift certification. In addition to these new skills, she is also a talented welder.
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