When Jason made the big move out of his family home, he told his support team he wanted to continue working because “he loves to stay busy and be active,” says Darlene Valente, Jason’s job developer and job coach. He quickly found a place working as a courtesy clerk at Redmond’s Safeway, where he bags groceries, retrieves carts from the parking lot, stocks grocery items and puts stray items back on shelves. Naturally quiet and shy, Jason likes his time in the parking lot, saying “I like being outside and I get to be outside here.” After all, he rides dirt bikes in his free time and he is naturally a country kid.

    Jason’s successful employment is the result of his skills and hard work, and the support of a number of people from different Central Oregon agencies. Cortney Gibson was the vocational rehabilitation counselor for Jason. His personal agent is Neta Alon-Bruce from Full Access High Desert. Darlene Valente with 1st Choice Assisted Care is the job coach for Jason. Jill Hannemann was the benefits counselor from Abilitree/Work Incentives Network.

    Jason, his supervisor says “Jason is here on time and works hard. Everyone gets along with him and he contributes to the team.” Just as important as what he’s doing for his employer is what Jason is getting out of his employment. He shares that working at Safeway has given him confidence, helps him to interact with others, and provides a steady paycheck.