If you visit the Redmond Home Depot with any frequency, the odds are good you already know Garrett. After all, Garrett is a greeter in the fall and winter, greeting customers as they arrive and answering questions regarding where items are located in the store. During the growing season, he’s working in the garden area watering and caring for plants. His job coach at Diversability reports that Garrett “knows the store well, is very friendly and knows when and who to ask for help if he needs it”. His independence, friendly face and knowledge aren’t the only attributes that make him a terrific employee, though; he is “always on time and loves his job!”
    Garett is successful at maintaining employment because he “works hard gaining knowledge of the store and his customer service is incredible”. He also gets along well with his coworkers, especially enjoying breaks and lunches when he can chat with his fellow employees. Garrett was proud to recently received a “Bravo”, a company way of acknowledging the efforts of employees who go above and beyond. That’s not his only accolade however. Garrett also received a Homer Award for living the values of the Home Depot company and excellence in his work.

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