Cody works at Albertson’s in Bend bagging groceries, greeting customers, gathering shopping carts and providing excellent customer service. Cody’s supervisor describes his work ethic as “superb” and says that other courtesy clerks have learned from Cody, especially because she often uses him as the standard for what she is looking for in an employee in that position. Would you have guessed that this dependable, hardworking and exemplary employee also has a developmental disability? Stephanie, the assistant manager of the store, says she believes that when companies employ a “variety of personalities and lifestyles” in their workforce, that diversity of employees can “benefit a business”. It can also benefit the community and the fortunate employees.

    Cody, who was supported in finding a job that is such a great match for his skills and strengths by Abilitree, loves that “this job keeps him active!” He says there’s barely a moment when he’s not moving and working hard, and customers and coworkers alike notice him hustling. While the job keeps him busy and moving, it also gets him out of his house more, and provides money to support his passion of woodworking.

    Employment First Success Story Vincent